Responsibilities of Directors

The Directors of the Meadow Hills Property Owners Association have a responsibility to their fellow owners to represent them fairly and openly in all community matters.  Directors should solicit input from other owners, provide community information to other owners and provide feedback to the Officers of the Association as well as their fellow Directors both during periodic Board meetings and through email and phone communications.


An owner does not have to be a permanent resident of Meadow Hills, they may simply be an owner in good standing with all fees and financial obligations to the Association paid current.  It is expected that all Directors will attend scheduled quarterly Board meetings on a regular basis.  These meetings are held at either private homes, or in local restaurants.  All expenses of attending are the individual responsibility of each Board member.


Any property owner with questions or issues should not hesitate to contact a Board member or Association officer through either email or phone.  A Directors list is provided through a link on the appropriate web page. 

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