Meadow Hills Snow Removal Policy


  • The roads are plowed when the snow depth is 6 inches or greater.  (Plowing with less snow may destroy the crown of the road.)

  • The roads will NOT be plowed with a snow depth of less than 6 inches.  

  • There may be exceptional issues related to the above.  Contact the MH roads/snow removal point of contact for such issues and any special requests.  

  • The MH snow removal point of contacts are Ron Frost and Tom Booth, as back up.  Should Ron be unavailable, contact Tom

  • Our current snow removal contractor is Keith Dove.  Ron or Tom will conduct all official communications with Keith.  Ron or Tom are the only persons authorized to incur snow plowing on behalf of the board.  

  • Portions of our roads may be treacherous in heavy snow or ice.  Keith will plow if plowing can be done safely.  We do not wish, nor ask, that Keith endanger his safety by plowing under dangerous conditions.  

  • As our contractor simply carries out the direction of the board, residents are asked not to call Keith and complain about plowing or lack of plowing.  Please take such concerns to Ron, Tom or the board.  

  • If there are problems with plowing coverage, please take such concerns to Ron, Tom or the board.  

  • None of above applies to PERSONAL plowing needing to be done.  Where residents have special requests or need Keith to plow driveways, they should work with Keith directly (or the contractor of their choice) for personal snow removal issues.  


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