Summer Clean Up

Message from the President

June 2019 

It looks as though we may finally see Summer and nicer weather  emerge. Hopefully, you have all “weathered” the long Winter well – and that all are in excellent health and state of mind. This has been a long, wet Winter and early Spring, but our Meadow Hills road system has held up very well.


As the days get longer and warmer, I would ask you all to lean in a bit reference Spring Clean Up for your property. We have a number of our neighbors who are trying to move property, and a well-kept community will help in that aspect. Eliminating clutter is also a safety issue – reptiles, rodents and vectors.


When I look back on the tenor of what I have written, it sounds rather dire – not my intent at all! I just intend to be the purveyor of information I hope you find relevant. Hope you all have a wonderful summer, and enjoy the great outdoors here in Meadow Hills and West Virginia.

Very Respectfully,


 Peter Dittmar


 Meadow Hills Property Owners Association Board

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